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About Family Advantage Chiropractic Timnath

After Dr. Jason Park graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College West, he worked in a few other practices before opening a practice in Santa Clara, CA. As his family grew, he realized his children couldn’t thrive in that environment, so he and his wife made the decision to move. Living in Timnath and working with the Fort Collins, Windsor, Severance and Eaton communities allows him to connect with his patients on another level.

Opening Family Advantage Chiropractic Timnath in October 2019, Dr. Park has based his practice on keeping the nervous system healthy, not on pain and symptoms. He realizes that’s not what everyone wants, and that’s okay. His patients have seen excellent results under chiropractic care.


Our Philosophy

We believe having a healthy nervous system is the key to being healthy overall. Helping our patients achieve 100% function in their nervous system leads to fewer health-related issues and better overall health. When the nervous system is at 100%, the body is able to heal as it was designed to do and correct any existing issues.

A Hands-on Approach

Dr. Park uses manual adjusting techniques, such as Diversified, and Tonal for most patients. He may also use a toggle headpiece for small children, and for our teenage athletes, he’ll incorporate Rock Taping, soft tissue work, and Graston.

Keeping Families Healthier

Dr. Park remembers how he suffered as a child, and believes chiropractic care would have helped him immensely. He’s determined to ensure his children never have to worry about health issues. He wants to help yours as well.

Our chiropractor deals with children who have sensory issues, ADHD, autism and more on a regular basis. While it may sometimes be more difficult, he’s never had an instance where he wasn’t able to provide care to the child. He’s patient and responsive to what the child’s needs are, to get the results necessary. Watching children progress and achieve their goals is amazing!

Bringing Healing to Our Community

Dr. Park wants every member of his community to experience better health naturally. Contact us today for an appointment.

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