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Chiropractic Care

When a new patient comes into our practice, Dr. Park explains his job is not to make them feel better, it’s to address and evaluate how efficiently their nervous system is firing. We know the nervous system controls absolutely everything in the body, and it’s composed of the brain, spinal cord and the nerve roots.

In his office, Dr. Park likes to describe the nerve roots as similar to an AT&T Wi-Fi network, where everyone wants four bars. You want full reception, because the function of the brain is to send a signal down the spinal cord through the nerve roots to the body. Once an action is completed, the body has to send that reaction signal back to the brain to complete the action.

The Effects of Stress

Then stress enters the picture and overwhelms the signal, so it’s functioning at less than 100%, and patients will experience more health-related issues. By treating the nervous system, we get it back up to 100%, which increases the body’s healing potential. And a side effect of chiropractic is you feel better!

Dr. Park sets the tone from the very start, regardless of what problem the patient might have. It’s up to the patient to decide whether they’re in the right office for care,
or if we’re not what they’re looking for.

Providing the Care You Need

Our patients come in with many different issues. Women come in seeking to have a more comfortable pregnancy and an easier labor and delivery. By improving the health of their nervous system, we create a better environment for both Mom and her baby.

We see many children with ear infections, colic, constipation, difficulty sleeping, anxiety that’s almost bordering on depression, and ADHD. We also care for other adults, who come in once they realize what we do, that are dealing with headaches, generalized back pain, sciatica, or other issues.

The number one benefit people mention is they sleep better, which leads to their body having more energy. And when they do get sick, they don’t stay sick as long; they get over it a lot quicker. Overall, our patients feel their body is doing what it’s supposed to do in terms of recovering from pushing to their limits.

Family Advantage Chiropractic Timnath does INSiGHT™ scans on all our patients before and after adjustments to verify the changes. We also have digital X-rays, which are used as needed. Dr. Park verifies his patients’ care is on the right track, well before the end of the recommended care plan. He’ll let the patient know if something is not progressing in the right direction, and if modifications or additions need to be made.

Dr. Park uses manual and tonal adjustments. He tells everyone the goal is not to get a loud pop, it’s to use the least amount of force to get the most amount of change. All our adjustments are extremely comfortable; they should never hurt. We’ll include, as needed, a toggle headpiece for kids, for our teenage athletes, we’ll incorporate Rock Taping, soft tissue work, and Graston.

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